The 10 Best Window Bird Feeders in 2022

With a window bird feeder, we can enjoy full views of wild and varied types of birds. It is good for kids because they can enjoy learning various types of birds and species with it. There is no hassle that we should get some bird feeders right there. Without further due, here are the top ten best window bird feeders in 2022 with a product buying guide.

List of the Top 10 Best Window Bird Feeders in 2022

10. Nature Anywhere Window Bird Feeder

Window Bird Feeder 

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Here is Nature Anywhere. You can use the item for cats and birds. It is smart to have it because you can hang it at kitchens or anywhere at your homes. The product is good for different bird species including goldfinch, robin, bluejay, jay, woodpecker, cardinals, finch, and more. As a result, you can set up your cameras and enjoy the view of those birds with it. What’s more, the product has a seed tray that is sliding. Consequently, you have an easy time to slide in and fill in those seeds.

The product can hold two cups of seeds for wild and random birds. Meanwhile, you can use it out of reach from those squirrels when it doesn’t fall at all because the product features four suction cups that are heavy-duty. The product, as a result, is squirrel proofed for 100%. What’s more, you can have two varied seed types for the two separate containers of the window bird feeder. Meanwhile, the product is durable. It is a solid bird feeder you can have for your homes. Besides, it is offered with lifetime warranties that you can seek comfort and assurance with it.

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9. Bird Out Window Bird Feeder

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The next item is Birdout. You can now enjoy many great and various types of bird species with it. The bird feeder is sturdy and reliable which you can use to attract various types of birds including magnificent robins, bluebirds, blue jays, red cardinal, and more. Furthermore, those birds can enjoy the item because it has one big food section when the product features two water troughs which you can fill with water for birds’ drinking.

Meanwhile, it is convenient to mount. The product doesn’t require any assembly at all. It has three suction cups that you can press on window glass outside. As a result, the trays can be detached, so you can easily fill in water and seeds with them. Additionally, it is convenient to clean it. All you need to do is soak the trays with water and rinse them. Besides, it is a lovely item that children and the elders can enjoy well with it. The product can be a good gift for friends and family members. Lastly, the item comes with full-satisfaction warranties that you can seek refunds if you are not satisfied with the item.

8. Tfw Admx Window Bird Feeder

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Our next lovable item is Tfwadmx. The product has a reliable construction because it comes with sturdy acrylic that is a reliable and dependable construction material in the industry. Furthermore, you can enjoy watching beautiful birds with it. You can hang it anywhere. As a result, you can enjoy views of those birds when you are doing varied kinds of tasks ranging from making dinner to working at desks.

Meanwhile, it has three reliable suction cups that can hold up an eight-kilogram weight. The product can remain secured; although, there is extreme weather, as a result. You can confidently have the product for years when it remains still and strong. You are good to go with it. Lastly, the company offers exceptional and outstanding customer support that you can surely rely on.

7. Lanscoery Window Bird Feeder

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Do not hesitate to buy Lanscoery. The product has a transparent construction of acrylic material. It is a well-known construction material for the bird feeder. As a result, you get to have a long-lasting product with it. Besides, it is transparent, so you can still enjoy the bird views with the product. Besides, it features three suction cups that are strong and reliable. They are strong and cannot fall; although, there is wind or rain. Additionally, it cannot fall; even though there are many birds eating at once.

The product is simple to refill. It is easy to clean as well. We should not forget that the trays are removable. In addition, it features holes that keep bird seeds dry despite snow or rain. Meanwhile, it is smart to enjoy varied types of bird species including woodpecker, goldfinch, sparrow, nuthatch, tit, finch, bluebird, cardinal and more. The product is lovely and has an interesting outlook, lastly.

6. Papagei Window Bird Feeder

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Papagi can be an interesting purchase you can have for yourselves. It has a curved design that is attractive. You get to have a bird feeder that you can have for varied places at home including the deck, garden, back porch, patio, and more. Furthermore, you get to enjoy favorite bird views with it. The product features four different suction cups that can be placed on window’s glass, so birds can enjoy their foods or seeds with it.

Additionally, it has a tray that is removable. It is smart for cleaning when you can easily refill the tray with bird seeds. Besides, the product has a lip mechanism that avoids the seeds from falling out when birds are feeding themselves with seeds. There shouldn’t be spilling with it. Besides, it can hold two bird feed types at the same time. The product is solid and reliable. It is meant to be long-lasting when the product is waterproofed, rust proofed, and weather-resistant. Lastly, you can confidently buy the product because it features full-satisfaction warranties with it.

5. MrCrafts Window Bird Feeder

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MrCrafts has received many praises as a bird feeder. The product features two suction cups which are strong, so the product can be reliable for birds. Furthermore, the bird feeder does not fall at all; even though there are many birds coming at once. What’s more, it is strong enough to be used as a squirrel feeder as well; although, we don’t recommend it to be so. The product is for you to enjoy views of wild birds including bluebirds, finches, cardinals and more.

Additionally, the tray is removable. It keeps things simple and easy for you to clean the item. The product allows you to remove debris and old seeds easily. We can wipe it clean with a wet towel for the tray so that you can clear out watermarks and dirt. Besides, it features drain holes, so you can keep things dry with it. It is smart to have it, so you can teach your children about wild birds. Lastly, the product comes with full-satisfaction warranties that you can get refunds with it.

4. HHXRise Window Bird Feeder

window bird feederdiy

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We have received many positive reviews for HHXRise. The item is easy and convenient to install. It is smart to have it for a weather-resistant ability because the product is constructed with acrylic. The item is smart for you to enjoy views of wild birds with the piece of item. You can, therefore, have clear views of those birds with the product. The product, furthermore, has a wide and large standing perch that allows birds to feel comfortable when they are landing on the bird feeder.

Besides, it features a draining hole, so it can keep water out and makes sure bird seeds are dried. Having this material, you let children enjoy views of many wild birds with it. You can use the product for your families to enjoy the item with it.

3. Miracle Window Bird Feeder

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It is high time to consider Miracle. The product allows you to hold the bird feeder with three suction cups. This one is, therefore, strong for birds to feed themselves when they can come all at once. The product is going to be sturdy and reliable for those birds. Furthermore, it enables 60 draining holes which avoid mold and gives you peace of mind. It keeps dry those seeds with it. Moreover, the product is constructed with acrylic that is durable and reliable construction material for the item.

The product is scratch-resistant. Meanwhile the transparent glass enables you to have full views of those wild birds with it. It has a premium quality. The bird can easily be interested in the bird feeder, so you keep those birds entertained with the bird feeder. The product is sturdy and reliable. It is smart for varied types of birds including warblers, hummingbirds, chickadees, bluebirds, cardinals, finches, etc. Lastly, it makes a favorite and interesting bird feeder for children to enjoy views of those wild birds.

2. YestBuy Window Bird Feeder

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Yestbuy is a perfect purchase you can have. The product is attractive to wild birds because it is constructed with acrylic. Those birds find interest in the bird feeder because of the product design as well. What’s more, the item is transparent, so you can enjoy full views of those birds with no hassles. In addition, it comes with a bird tray that can hold seeds generous enough for those birds. It has three different grids, so you can fill it with different types of seeds.

Furthermore, birds can see grains fast with the overall product design. It is comfortable to land on for those wild birds because the whole bird feeder features a single rubber side for those birds. Furthermore, it can be a good gift for friends or family members.

1. Birdious Window Bird Feeder

hanging bird feeder

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Birdious has scored highest among the window bird feeders. It brings about beauty and comfort when you have the bird feeder constructed with acrylic. The product comes with a reliable suction cup that can hold the bird feeder at your window with confidence. The item can hold many birds at once when it is a great oasis for your favorite wild birds. It features a steel chain, so you can hang it on a tree branch, peg and hook as well. This is interesting as a bird feeder.

What’s more, the product has draining holes, so it doesn’t collect water. You are encouraged, however, to mount it away from squirrels, so the product can be reserved for birds only. It is smart to have it because children can enjoy full views of wild birds with it. It can be good gifts for your kids or your friends, as a result.

Buying Guide

Transparent Construction: The item should be made with acrylic or other materials that are transparent. We want a transparent construction because it allows us to enjoy full views of those birds. Non-transparent construction can easily obstruct us from seeing those wild birds with full views. It doesn’t make a whole point of having a window bird feeder, as a result.

Reliable Construction: The window bird feeder should have an overall product design that is reliable. It should be made to be long-lasting, so the product can be a long-lasting investment for you. There is no doubt that you should seek those bird feeders that have reliable constructions, as a result.

Dependable Suction Cups: The item should have strong suction cups, so it won’t fall out when many birds land on the bird feeder at once. Furthermore, you get to have reliable suction cups, so it can be reliable and durable. It is going to last against different weather conditions.

Draining Holes: We should have the product made with draining holes. The bird feeder should be made with draining holes, so the product can drain and dry those seeds. It doesn’t create any molds with it that allows birds to have fresh and dried bird seeds for you.

Full-Satisfaction Warranties: It can be ideal for a window bird feeder to feature full-satisfaction warranties. You can get some bird feeders right there that are not very desirable for you, so having replacement or refund warranties give you some peace of mind as well.


Having a bird feeder is smart for you to enjoy full views of those wild and varied types of birds. It is wise to have bird feeders at homes and for yourselves. You can present it as a gift for friends and families as well. No matter what, please don’t forget to consider the product buying guide such as transparent construction, reliable construction, dependable suction cups, draining holes and full-satisfaction warranties for your convenience.

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