Top 10 Best Wooden Shoe Racks in 2021 – Reviews

Do you have several pairs of shoes that are cluttering in your room? Are you tired of tripping over the shoes of your family as you walk to the door? If that is the case, it high time to consider purchasing the best wooden shoe racks. These wooden shoes racks are constructed environmentally friendly and will enable you to organize and store your shoe property. A good shoe rack features a compact design and occupies small space in your room, thus giving you extra space. Besides that, it allows your shoes to breathe to eliminate bad odor.

Hunting for the best wooden shoe rack is not an easy task as several are in the market. To help you find the right one, we have gathered a list of the top 10 best Wooden Shoe Racks in 2021.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Wooden Shoe Racks

  • Ergonomic Design: Each time you consider buying a wooden shoe rack, you need to choose the one that has an exclusive design and perfectly fits your needs. Get the one with round corners and smooth edges design, simple and compact design to ensure it fits perfectly in small spaces and no injury to the family.
  • Versatility: Get a strong, sturdy, and stable shoe rack that offers versatility in your home. Moreover, choose a multi-purpose rack that you can use in your bedroom, entryway, balcony, living room, kitchen, and more. Identify the one that you can place shoes, books, spices, bath towels, plants, etc.
  • Convenience: Look for a shoe rack that is safe, easy to use, and clean. Get the one that has sunken screws and smooth surfaces to protect your family from any injuries. Other than that, get a shoe rack that is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Best Wooden Shoe Racks in 2021

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10. Soges 5-Tier 29.5 inches Shoe Rack Shoe Organizer

By: Soges

Soges 5-Tier 29.5 inches Shoe Rack Shoe Organizer

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When it comes to the top-class wooden Shoe Organizer, there is no other product that can beat Soges 5-Tier Shoe Rack. Ideally, this Rack is made from the thickened laminated wood panel and features a high gloss finish making it anti-scratch, waterproof, and easy to clean. This five-tier shoe rack can be able to store around15 to 20 pairs of shoes, thus maximizing your small storage space.

This multifunctional Shoe Rack is ideal as a shoe rack, plant rack, display rack, and more. It can fit in your balcony, kitchen, bedroom, living room, hallway, entryway, and more. This rack measure 9.5 inches × 11.8 inches × 37.2 Inches and weight around 13 KG.


  • 5-tier shoe rack with large storage space
  • Made of thickened laminated wood
  • Measures 29.5× 11.8× 37.2 inches
  • You can organize around15 to 20 pairs of shoes
  • Anti-scratch and easy to clean

9. MyGift 5-Tier Brown Wood Entryway Shoe Storage Rack

By: MyGift

MyGift 5-Tier Brown Wood Entryway Shoe Storage Rack

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This wooden Shoe Storage Rack from MyGift are reliable and lasts for a more extended period. It is a country-style shoe rack with an elegant finish making it perfect for your closet, entryway, or mudroom. In addition to that, it has five-shelves for storing several pairs of shoes while the top shelve is ideal for more storage and decorative items. Its dark grey finish matches well with rustic and contemporary decors.

This shoe storage rack is ideal for organizing your sandals, boots, and shoes. It measures 32.5 inches x 26.8 inches x 10.6 inches and comes with all necessary hardware for easy installation. Finally, it is a freestanding wooden rack that is durable and will serve you for a long time.


  • 5 shelves for keeping multiple pairs of shoes
  • Measures 32.5 by 26.8 by 10.6 inches
  • Top shelf can be used for decorative items
  • Perfect for organizing your sandals, boots, and shoes

8. Homemaid 3 Tier Living Bamboo Shoe Rack Bench

By: Homemaid

Homemaid 3 Tier Living Bamboo Shoe Rack Bench 

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Crafted from 100% natural bamboo wood, this elegant Shoe Rack Bench is perfect for organizing pairs of shoes in different ways. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and can hold an impressive weight of up to 300lbs. Furthermore, this rack shelf can accommodate shoes up to 4 pairs, as it has an ideal size of 28.5 inches x 12.5 inches x 17.7 inches. This unit is very easy to assemble as it comes with all tools and parts necessary for assembly.

This entry shoe rack usually makes everything look beautiful as it matches with most décor. It can perfectly fit your bathroom, bedroom, living room, closet, hallway, kitchen, or patio. Above all, this product comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.


  • Durable, sturdy and built to last
  • Can hold up an impressive 300lbs
  • Has a beautiful look, and you can wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • Made of 100% natural bamboo
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee

7. Honey-Can-Do 2-Tier SHO-02151 Natural Wood Shoe Rack

By: Honey-Can-Do

Honey-Can-Do 2-Tier SHO-02151 Natural Wood Shoe Rack

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Honey-Can-Do also brings you this quality natural wood shoe rack to locate in the bedroom or home. This 2-tier Wood Shoe Rack is made of pinewood, making it durable and elegant. This product is ideal for storing boots, slippers, shoes, totes, and other small home items. It measures 29.1 x 10.4 x 11.6 in, and it requires only a few steps to assemble.

This product can display 6 to 8 pairs of adult shoes beautifully and more if you store smaller sizes. One great thing about this shoe rack is that it has a stackable design, meaning that you can add several racks for storage without taking up more floor space.


  • Easy assembly and no tools are required
  • Measures 29.1 x 10.4 x 11.6 in
  • Can display 6-8 pairs of shoes
  • Stackable design to add multiple racks
  • Pine wood shoe organizer

6. HOMFA Bamboo Shoe Shelf 5-Tier Storage Organizer


HOMFA Bamboo Shoe Shelf 5-Tier Storage Organizer 

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Up next on this list is this reliable Storage Organizer from HOMFA. It is a five-layered shoe rack constructed from 100% natural bamboo, making it solid, durable, stable, strong, and environmentally friendly. Subsequently, this organizer has additional hangers on each side, assisting you to avoid piling shoes or using too much space in your floor area. This 5 tiers bamboo rack is convenient for placing spice¸ plants, books, sundries, towels, shoes, and small appliances.

With a smooth surface, you can simply clean the rack with a soft cloth. This unit has an overall measurement of 27.2 inches x 10 inches x 32 inches and comes with assembly instructions that are simple to follow.


  • Made from 100% natural bamboo
  • Measures 27.2 x 10 x 32 inches
  • Has 2 handles for convenient and simple moving
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Has practical design and does not too-much floor space

5. Ollieroo Bamboo Shoe Rack with Cushion

By: Ollieroo

Ollieroo Bamboo Shoe Rack with Cushion 

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If you have a large family and there are many pairs of shoes, we guarantee that this Ollieroo Bamboo Shoe Rack is the perfect fit for you. It is made of high-grade 100% natural bamboo, which features elegance safe lacquer finish to decorate your room décor. Ideally, this shoe rack measures 28.5 inches x 11.8 inches x 19.7 inches and only weighs 10.3 lbs. Another thing, this shoe rack has a comfortable sponge cushion that is washable and demountable.

Installing this Shoe Rack is very simple to install as it comes with all mounting tools. Ideally, this shoe rack has a comfortable sponge cushion that has nice resilience. The cushion cover is washable and demountable. The glaze surface is safe for children and adults.


  • Made of high grade 100% natural bamboo
  • Measures 28.5 x 11.8 x 19.7 inches
  • Removable sponge cushion
  • Has elegance safe lacquer finish
  • Installation tools are included

4. BESP 3-Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack


BESP 3-Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack 

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If you are searching for a Bamboo Shoe Rack with more functionality and utility than just keeping shoes, this is a perfect choice. It is a multifunctional rack for the balcony, porch, hallway, bathroom, bedroom, or living room. The rack is constructed using 100% natural bamboo, which is very solid, sturdy, and eco-friendly. It contains 3-tier slatted shelves with enough gaps to prevent any odor.

It is very easy and convenient to install and disassemble this shoe rack when needed. Besides that, it can hold up to eight pairs of shoes neatly, thus helping to keep your room clean and tidy. This dual-purpose Shoe Rack can be used as a shoe bench or storage rack.


  • 3-tier-slatted shelves
  • Made from 100% natural bamboo
  • Sturdy and safe to use
  • Has max load capacity up to 100kg
  • Holds up to 8 pairs of men’s and women’s shoes

3. Honey-Can-Do 3-Tier SHO-01599 Bamboo Shoe Shelf

By: Honey-Can-Do

Honey-Can-Do 3-Tier SHO-01599 Bamboo Shoe Shelf

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Bring home the stylish Bamboo Shoe Shelf that will elevate your interior’s overall appeal and décor by significant margins. It is a 3 tier Shoe Shelf that offers many ways to keep your shoes organized. It is also constructed from fast-growing bamboo that provides an elegant look, and it is very easy to clean. This stylish shoe rack can hold around 9 to 12 pairs of shoes. Assembling this shoe shelf is very easy, and you do not need to have special tools.

The Slatted surface is durable, attractive, and naturally moisture resistant. This product is approximately 3 feet wide, and it is less than 2 ft. high. Finally, this product is designed to saves space in your house.


  • 3 shelves allow you to organize your shoes
  • Holds approximately 9 to 12 pairs of shoes
  • Slatted surface is attractive and moisture resistant
  • It is approximately 3 feet wide
  • Made from fast-growing bamboo

2. ClosetMaid 8923 Stackable Espresso Horizontal Organizer

By: ClosetMaid

ClosetMaid 8923 Stackable Espresso Horizontal Organizer

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This is your classic looking shoe rack that has a timeless and vintage finish to it. This stackable organizer is ideal for storing shoes in your entryway or closet. They can fit up to 4 pairs of adult shoes on every shelf. Besides that, you can use it to hold office supplies, media, hobbies, small bags, and more. This wide Stackable measures 31” wide by 11.5” high by 12” deep, and it is very easy to assemble.

One great thing about this shoe rack is that it is available in 2 different size options, 31 in. and 24 in. wide and are conveniently offered in 3 different finishes that match your home décor. These finishes include white, dark cherry, and espresso.


  • 31-inch wide horizontal organizer with 2 compartments
  • Comes with three finishes to match your décor
  • Fit up to four pairs of adult shoes
  • Can also hold small bags and office supplies
  • Easy to assemble

1. ClosetMaid 1302 15-Unit Organizer Stackable Dark Cherry

By: ClosetMaid

ClosetMaid 1302 15-Unit Organizer Stackable Dark Cherry

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ClosetMaid is a unique and classic shoe rack that can accommodate sandals, flip flops, and other low-profile shoes with measurement smaller than 5.75. by 4.5 in. by 11 in.. The whole product measures 19.38” X 24.13” X 11.63,” which is ideal for keeping in your hallway, bathroom, bedroom, or living room. Another thing, this product can be used to keep essential items such as bags, everyday books, and much.

This rack is capable of doing more than keeping your shoes. It is manufactured using high-quality wood materials, and it is very easy to assemble. Something else, this Organizer has 15 cubes that you can store your shoes. You can also store regular clothes as well as small belongings.


  • Has 15 cubes for storing shoes
  • Each cube measures 5.75 x 4.5 x 11 inches
  • Can accommodate sandals, flip flops or low profile shoes
  • All hardware included for mounting
  • Comes in 3 finishes to match your décor


These are some of the best wooden shoe racks you can find in the market. They are beautiful, durable, sturdy, and light in weight. They will help you keep your room well organized and avoid the mess of rolling overshoe whenever you walk through the door. We hope that you have found the best wooden shoe rack that will fulfill your necessities.

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