Top 10 Best Wooden Step Stools in 2021 – Reviews

To perform a task where height is involved, it is essential to take safety precautions when you are doing so. For instance, if you want to take something out from a cupboard or store some things in the upper cabinet, you need to have a step tool. Climbing on furniture is not only risky but also you can break it. A wooden step stool comes in a unique design and assists adults and kids to use with ease while placing accessories in the bathroom, changing bulbs, and more.

There are many Wooden Step Stools in the market, which poses a massive challenge when choosing the most suitable one. To help you find the right choice, we have listed the top 10 best Wooden Step Stools in 2021.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Wooden Step Stools

  • Sturdiness: The first thing you need to consider is the sturdiness of the stool. Get a wooden step stool that features heavy-duty construction to withstand the weight that you need. It is recommended to choose a versatile stool that you can use in the bedroom, kitchen, indoors, and can be used by everyone.
  • Capacity: Look for a Step Stool that can hold the weight of a person who will be stepping on the stool. Moreover, choose the one that offers performance with a modern, stylish, and contemporary design to add beauty and elegance in your indoors.
  • Safety: It is important to buy a Wooden Step Stool that is safe for users to use. Get the one with a non-slip rubber base and a wider base to increase the user’s security and stability.
  • Durability: Choose a Step Stool that features sturdy, robust, heavy-duty, and highly resilient wood construction to serve you for long. Something else, select the one with an exquisite and exclusive color finish as it adds durability and elegance.

Best Wooden Step Stools in 2021

10. Jonathan Alden Solid Maple and Walnut Step Stool

By: Jonathan

Jonathan Alden Solid Maple and Walnut Step Stool

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Jonathan is a brilliant step stool that features superior craftsmanship for durability and stability. It is made using premium furniture grade walnut and maple materials, making it extremely sturdy and strong to support you and your next kin. This step tool measures 8 inches tall, 10 inches deep, 16 inches wide. It weighs approximately 9 pounds making it easy to transport from one place to another.

This stool comes in an elegant and stylish design that matches your home décor. Moreover, it comes fully assembled; hence, there is no assembly required. It has an easy-grip, and thus it will easily fit in any room of your house. Above all, it is very easy to clean.


  • Handmade using furniture grade walnut and maple
  • Solid construction and no assembly required
  • Weights approximately 9 pounds
  • Measures 8″ tall x 10″ deep x 16″ wide
  • Has a natural oil finish

9. HOUCHICS Solid Wooden Pine Step Stool


HOUCHICS Solid Wooden Pine Step Stool 

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HOUCHICS is one of the most authentic brands that manufacture highly durable and usable wooden furniture. This wooden step stool from them measures 15 x 10.1 x 8.8 in and provides convenience for your family. Each stool has separate footpads that prevent slipping and will not hurt your floor. In addition to that, this multipurpose Step Stool can be used in the desk stool, living room, or bathroom stool for kids.

Same as a step-ladder, this stool boosts you up 9 inches to reach upper shelves or storage. Another thing, it has an oval slant at the top to ensure easy carrying from one room to another. Assembling this stool takes a short time, and it comes with detailed instructions on each package.


  • Has separate foot pads to prevent hurting of floors
  • Easily carry from room to room
  • Measures 15 x 10.1 x 8.8 in
  • Detailed instructions that show how to install
  • Boost you up 9 inches to reach shelves

8. ECROCY Wooden Indoor and Outdoor Portable Bedside Step Stool


ECROCY Wooden Indoor and Outdoor Portable Bedside Step Stool

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If you are looking for a unique design step stool, you can consider ECROCY Wooden Step Stool. This unit is made of 100% solid wood, and its surface is printed with varnish. It measures 16.5 inches L x 11.8 inches W x 6.3 inches H, making it tall enough to assist you in reaching higher countertop or getting into high bed. Another thing, this step stool, has solid wood material construction, rounded corners, and smooth surface, making it ideal for garden, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and more.

This Step Stool has a special design making it easy to carry from one place to another. Other than that, it is sturdy enough to support both adults and kids, about 400 Pound Capacity.


  • Measures 16.5 x 11.8 x 6.3 inches
  • Made of 100% solid wood
  • Special design and portable for easy carrying
  • Sturdy enough and can hold 400-pound capacity
  • Rounded corners and smooth surface for safety

7. HOUCHICS Multi-Purpose 2-Step Wooden Stool


HOUCHICS Multi-Purpose 2-Step Wooden Stool 

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HOUCHICS also avails another wooden step stool that offers great performance where it features robust and heavy-duty construction. It measures 14.9 x 13.6 x 13.7in, and every corner of the stool is rounded to prevent your kid from hurting and bumping. Furthermore, this multifunctional Wooden Stool can be placed in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom ready for young children, toddlers, pregnant women, and elderly.

Each foot is equipped with anti-slip mats that do not slip or damage your floor. This Wooden Stool has a load-bearing capacity of 260lb, and the product itself only weighs 9 lb. assembling this Wooden Stool is very easy as it comes with all the parts and detailed assembly instructions.


  • Measures 14.9 x 13.6 x 13.7in
  • Easy to assemble
  • Equipped with anti-slip mats
  • Its texture is clear and beautiful
  • Has detailed assembly instructions

6. Ecrocy Wood Step Mobility Step for Bed Side, Outdoor and Indoor

By: Ecrocy

Ecrocy Wood Step Mobility Step for Bed Side, Outdoor and Indoor 

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If you want to train your children to reach and access items from higher shelves with ease, then Ecrocy Wood Step delivers the performance that you need. This stepping stool is made from 100% solid wood, and it is surface printed with varnish. It is tall enough to get into the bed as it measures 19.7 inches L x 11.8 inches W x 4.3 inches H.

With its sturdy construction, this mobility step stool can support weight up to 400 pounds making it ideal for pets, toddlers, seniors, and more. Other features of this stool include rounded corners, smooth surface, and stands steadily. It is a perfect step stool furniture for bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, garden, etc.


  • Measure 19.7 x 11.8 x 4.3 inches
  • No assembly required
  • Made of 100% solid wood
  • Can support about 400 pounds
  • Has rounded corners and smooth surface

5. Winsome Wood Antique Walnut WW Stool

By: Winsome

Winsome Wood Antique Walnut WW Stool

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Even though this WW Stool is sturdy and durable with an expansive limit of 250 pounds, it is lightweight, making it easy to transport. It can be taken by seniors or children easily. It is a 2-tier step stool that is compact, attractive, and easy to tote around. Both steps are cut with slender slats to rest securely on the wide-base frame. This stool measures 18-1/2” wide x 15” deep x 21-1/2” high.

The stool is foldable into a compact size when it is not in use. It also has a contemporary wooden design and usually compliments your indoor needs. Assembling this stool is very simple, and you do not need to hire a professional.


  • 2 tier step stool
  • It can support up to 250 pounds
  • Constructed of solid wood
  • Wide-base frame for stability
  • Measures 18-1/2” by 15” by 21-1/2”

4. Melissa and Doug Natural Wooden Step Stool

By: Melissa and Doug

Melissa and Doug Natural Wooden Step Stool

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For needing that extra height, this 2 step stool by Melissa and Doug is the ultimate choice. It is available in natural, white, and espresso color to fit any décor. It is great for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, playrooms, and a kitchen. The stool has a straight back that makes it simple to push up against the cabinet, bed, wall, etc. When fully assembled, it is 14 inches high and can hold up to 100 pounds.

The cutout under the top step usually makes it simple to pick up this stool and carry it from one room to another. Assembling this stool is very easy, as it only requires Phillips head screwdriver. It is also included with a detailed illustrated instruction.


  • Easy to assemble in 5 easy steps
  • Holds up to 100 pounds
  • Available in a different color to fit any home décor
  • Assembled stool is 14 inches high
  • Detailed illustrated instructions included

3. Kings Brand Wood Bedroom Step Stool with Dark Cherry Finish

By: Kings Brand Furniture

Kings Brand Wood Bedroom Step Stool with Dark Cherry Finish

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Here is a wooden Bedroom Step Stool that allows your kid to step into their bed. It is a multifunctional item that can be used as a step stool, as a ladder and provides a little extra space. The stool measures 13 inches W x 13 inches D x 13 inches H. and has two steps. Subsequently, this unit has a dark Cherry Finish that complements most home décor.

This step stool is recommended for kids above 3 years, and it is lightweight, making it ideal for your kid to carry anywhere you want. Furthermore, cleaning this wooden step stool is very easy with mild soap. A simple assembly required.


  • Has two numbers of steps
  • It measures 13 x 13 x 13 inches
  • Has durable wood construction
  • Provides a little extra storage space
  • The stool is sturdy and durable

2. IKEA BEKVAM Beige Wooden Utility Step


IKEA BEKVAM Beige Wooden Utility Step

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Next in our list is this Wooden Utility Step stool from IKEA. It measures 15 3/8 inches depth, 19 5/8 inches height, and 16 7/8 inches width, and it is constructed from solid wood durable natural material to offer long time service. In addition to that, it is a versatile stool that you can use it for different purposes.

The stool features slender slats that ensures great traction with robust, sturdy, and wide frame support. Other than that, it has non-slip feet that ensure balance and stability, thus instilling confidence. To ensure that it remains clean always, you can wipe dry with a clean cloth.


  • Measures 15 3/8 x 19 5/8 x 16 7/8 inches
  • Made of solid beech wood materials
  • Hand-hole in the top for easy transportation
  • You can wipe clean with a damp cloth

1. B. spaces by Battat Mint & Wood Two Step Stool for Kids

By: B. spaces by Battat

B. spaces by Battat Mint & Wood Two Step Stool for Kids

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First on this list is this two-step stool with textured patterns on stairs that make it look attractive in your home. It measures 15.86 inches (L) x 14.3 inches (D) x 11.13 inches, and it has a weight limit of 154 lb. This stool is sturdy and wide to keep you steady as you go. Assembling this step stool takes very few minutes, and a Hex wrench is included.

This kid-sized step stool has just the right size for small feet that needs a boost. Also, it features a handy handle that makes it easy to grab and go. Finally, this stool is perfect for kids aging for three years and more.


  • Measures 15.86 x 14.3 x 11.13 inches
  • This stool assembles in minutes
  • Handy handles for easy to grab and go
  • 2-step stool with textured patterns
  • Wide and sturdy for stability


Choosing a long-lasting, safe, and strong Wooden Step Stool is essential to avoid any mishap happening. The wooden step stools listed above are highly durable as they are constructed from high-grade wood. Now it’s your time to choose the most ideal one and buy it today!

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