The 10 Best Korean BBQ Grills in 2022

When we were in Korea, We could not get enough of Korean BBQ dinners. Your meat and vegetables were cooked quickly, and you could eat as you cooked. Now you can bring the great taste of Korean BBQ home with one of these Korean BBQ Grills. These Korean BBQ grills are carefully selected and compiled by our chef’s team to provide you the best cooking tool at our kitchen. Let’s have a look!

List of the 10 Best Korean BBQ Grills in 2022


10. ChefmanElectric Smokeless Korean BBQ Grill

 Chefman Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill - Large Griddle w/Non-Stick Cooking Surface, Adjustable Temperature Knob, and Removable Drip Tray, Black

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You control the heat with the handy dial located conveniently in the handle of this smokeless grill. To make sure you do not have smoke as you cook, just fill the drip tray with water. Then its large non-stick cooking surface allows you to cook meat and vegetables with room to spare. This dishwasher-safe grill uses only 1200 watts of power and comes with tutorials and recipes. The stay cool handles and auto shutoff features protect you as you cook.

9. Queen Sense Korean BBQ Grill

 Queen Sense Korean BBQ Samgyeopsal Non-Stick All powerful Stovetop Grill Pan - Drain grease system

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A convenient grease drain will channel the grease from your food to a jar or bowl you place beneath the grill. The fairly large grill measures 16 x 16 x 2 inches approx. and has enough room for all your meats and vegetables. Plus, it has side pockets to warm or grill any side dishes you want to heat up. It should be able to grill enough food to serve 8 people. Made in Korea, this Korean BBQ is designed to work with gas stoves only.

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8. Livart Barbecue Grill

Livart LV-982 Electric Barbecue Grill

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Its adjustable grill levels let you control how slow or fast your meat cooks. Plus, it is easy to operate. Just plug it in and turn it on. The one button control gets you started grilling your favorite cuts of meat. A bottom drip tray catches any fat that drips down through the grill. The grill is made of stainless-steel and use s only about 1400 watts of power. The grill is compatible with almost all cuts of meat including fish

7. BBQ Plate Iwatani Grill

BBQ Plate Iwatani Cb-p-y3

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Measuring approx. 13 x 13 x 2 inches, there is plenty of room for your eats and vegetables. Enjoy slow roasted meat as you dine. This aluminum has grooves and slots to help channel away any fat or grease. Then when you need to remove it a removable handle keeps you from burning your hands. The grill is not hard to keep clean and should be dishwasher safe. For best results use gas or electric heat sources.

6. Maximatic Gourmet Indoor Grill

 Elite Gourmet EMG-980B Indoor Grill

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This Korean style grill has its own power source. Just plug it into a standard outlet and you are good to go. You can grill your vegetables and different cuts of meat at the same time. With 5 different heat settings you can find your cooking level with ease. Plus, the non-stick coating makes sure none of your food is left on the grill. A glass lid helps protect you from any oil sparks and the stay cool handle protects your hands from burns.

5. Tayama Electric Grill BBQ

 Tayama TG-868 Electric Grill, Black

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This 15 by 10-inch non-stick grill has roughly 6 different temperature settings. You can slow cook your cuts of meat or sere them to lock in their juices. A separate slotted grill plate lets the heat distribute evenly while protecting the heater from spills. The electric grill can be used just about anywhere there is a standard power outlet. The usual stay cool handles protect your hands as well. A little water in the drip tray will eliminate the smoke that usually comes with grilling.

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4. CookKing Traditional Korean BBQ Grill

 CookKing - Master Grill Pan, Korean Traditional BBQ Grill Pan

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This Korean style grill is made in Korea. It comes with a non-stick titanium surface and has pockets for your side dishes. To grill you just place your meat and vegetables in the center. Of the grill. A great drain system makes sure your food is healthier to eat. This grill is designed to be used with gas stoves. Measuring only 16 x 2.3 x 16 inches, you can get a lot of food on this grill and have a real feast.

3. TeChef Stovetop Korean BBQ Grill

 TeChef - Stovetop Korean BBQ Non-Stick Grill Pan

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This non-stick stovetop BBQ grill has a circular pattern on its surface. This pattern will help channel away the grease, so you can eat healthier. All you need to do to use it is place it on an indoor or outdoor gas heat source and it is ready to grill. The 5 layers of Teflon coating makes sure no food is left stuck to the grill. A drain hole lets the grease out into a bowl or glass jar. This helps cut down on any greasy mess.

2. Zojirushi Electric Korean BBQ Grill

Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill

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Its non-stick grill surface measures 12-1/2 by 9-1/4 inches and can handle most cuts of meats and your vegetables. The adjustable heat control allows you to pick how slow or fast your meat cooks. Then the stay cool handles protect your hands from any burns. The drip tray and other parts are dishwasher safe and the unit comes apart quite easily. This unit is designed to work indoors.

1. Maximatic XL Indoor Electric Grill

 Smart & Healthy XL Indoor Electric Grill EGL-6501 By Elite Platinum-Korean BBQ Grills

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This 12 by 16-inch Korean BBQ grill heats up quickly. It also comes with adjustable heat settings, so you can choose how hot you want the grill. A red indicator light lets you know when it is on and heating up. Then the unit uses only about 1400 watts of power and heats up to 400 degrees F. A glass lid protects from grease splatter and the slotted grill surface drains away the grease easily.


When you are in the mood for some Asian style food, go Korean. The top 10 best Korean bbq grills in 2022 are easy to use and prepare healthier foods for you and your family. Take a break from the same old cooking style you and put something new in your meal time. Korean style is one of the better ways to cook your meals.

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