The 10 Best Portable Air Conditioners in 2022

Most people prefer enjoying spending time in a room that has temperature maximally controlled. Therefore, for you to achieve the regulation of the room temperature you will require the use of air conditioner. Thus, today we will bring you the new model of AC or air conditioner which is portable and moveable for your flexibility – the portable air conditioner!

Portable air conditioner is one among the latest and advance air conditioners, designed to bring you not only temperature control to your room but also allow you to move around in to various space where you need it. Thus, if you are looking for the air conditioner for your home or office, we would recommend you to check out the portable AC or portable air conditioners below.

List of the 10 Best Portable Air conditioners in 2022


10. North Storm Portable Air Conditioner

 North Storm Portable Air Conditioner-12000BTU

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For beginners, have you ever wondered what to look for when considering the purchase of the best air conditioner? You will fall in love with North Storm Portable Air Conditioner due to its multitasking ability of both cooling and heating. The air conditioner has the capacity of producing 12000BTUs which ensures to cool or warm a large room of approximately 500 square feet. In addition, it has a direct drain option giving you an opportunity for continuous usage. One of the main challenges that come with electronic equipment, it’s their usage and operations.

However, for the North Storm Portable Air Conditioner, this does not have to be the case since it has a design that makes it less cumbersome to operate. One of the designs that make it easy to operate is the ability to operate using the remote to control the amount of temperature from a distance. Hence if you have it in one corner of your room, you do not have to necessary walk to it so as to control the temperature but you can do it in the comfort of your sofa. Also, the air conditioner has an added advantage of having lightweight and design to facilitate its portability.

As a result of the design, it is easy to handle, operate and store under normal circumstances. Lastly, as a beginner, this equipment is your best bet due to the smooth installation as well as set-up procedures guaranteeing you a short period to successfully install. The North Storm air conditioner has received a positive rating from the customers who have purchased the product. The only con that comes with the product is the equipment is lack of safety features.

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9. Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner HL Seris-14000 BTU

 Honeywell HL14CHESWW HL Seris-14000 BTU

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If you have any dilemma when purchasing a portable air conditioner, you do not need to look far rather than the above product. The Honeywell brand is the best within the market and as result should enable you to have an easy time in picking it from the rest. From its unique features, it will enable you to avoid confusion that arises from a wide variety of the models within the market. From its exotic features its one of the independent design that will guarantee you with longtime services.

This air conditioner has the capacity of 14000 BTU s enabling it to cool a range of 550 square feet. Notably, it has thermal overload protection for safety measures enabling you to have peace of mind when using. In addition, it has automatic vertical wind motion that helps in distributing powerful cool air to ensure evenly cooling effect. In order to improve the lifespan of the equipment, it’s fitted with dual filters that are designed to offer protection against hair and dust.

The filters are easy to clean under faucet making maintenance a cheap affair. Installing the air conditioner is a simple exercise since it comes with a full set window kit for both vertical as well as horizontal windows. The other advantage that comes with Honeywell air conditioner is the comfort design that includes the 3 fan speeds, digital controls, sleep mode, remote control and 24-hour energy saving are all included.

The other advantage that comes with the equipment is the stress-free auto evaporation in cooling mode hence no need for a bucket to empty. The only demerit that comes with this air conditioner is the cost is slightly higher compared to others within the market. In addition, it is not effective in areas with high humidity levels since the empty bucket is slightly smaller.

8 De’Longhi Pinguino Portable AC 12500 BTU

8 De'Longhi Pinguino 12500 BTU

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For those who want to ensure a stable temperature should purchase the above equipment. Unlike other air conditioners, this has a remote control feature that has a secure control panel facilitating the frequent use with ease. It is mostly recommended for small, compact and ergonomic construction. One of the merits of using the above equipment is the eco-friendly design with quiet performance enabling the user to enjoy their solitude.

Additionally, the air conditioner is also efficient when it comes to power consumption and as result, it gives the peace of mind since you are sure your power bill will not spike. The other advantage that comes with the air conditioner is the ability to cool or heat 480 square feet. With the ability to heat or cool such space-consuming low power units, it offers the best guarantee for the value of your money. Lastly, the air condition acts as a fan as well as dehumidifies your room, unlike others that cannot be able to multitask. Despite the equipment having unique aspects, it has several demerits such as the limit to regulate large room spaces.

7 Friedrich Portable Air Conditioner PH14B 13500 BTU

7 Friedrich PH14B 13500 BTU

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If you are looking for an air conditioner that can multi-task, you do not need to waste your time because Friedrich PH14B is the only equipment that can meet the above threshold. The above air conditioner guarantees you quality services that cannot be found elsewhere. The ability to multi-task by the air conditioner is a result of the self-evaporation as well as condensing feature ensuring that the whole room gets regulation as quickly as possible.

Notably, it has a high power capacity of 13500 BTU enabling the heating and cooling effect within the room for 24 hours nonstop. After meeting the stability of the temperature, the air conditioner automatically shuts off. Its capacity enables heating and cooling a room with over 700 square feet efficiently. In order to facilitate the easy movement of room to room, it has light and compact design making it easily portable. The only con that comes with it is the cost of acquiring which is slightly higher compared to others.

6 Whynter Portable AC 12000 BTU Dual Hose

6 Whynter 12000 BTU Dual Hose

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According to the review from the customers who have experienced the services offered by the air conditioner, Whynter 12000 deserves to be ranked as the first option. The air conditioner has the most prominent features that ensure the customers’ get value for the money. The equipment guarantees you longtime services as it comes with a warranty. Its maximum capacity is of 11000 BTU for maximum space heating as well as 12000 BTU capacity for cooling purposes.

This air conditioner comes with an in-built remote control system for ensuring efficient control. Through the remote control system, it has programs making it easy to control the room temperature. In addition, the air conditioner has adjustable and extendable exhaust and intake hoses that play a significant role in heating and cooling the room. It’s small, lightweight and compact making it possible to offer efficient room to room services. In addition to heating and cooling services, the air conditioner also offers fan services. Lastly, the air conditioner has the capability of giving comprehensive coverage ensuring that it can be used for full room air.

5 Della Remote Control Air Conditioner with 14000 BTU Evaporative

5 Della 14000 BTU Evaporative

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In Della 14000 BTU Evaporative, it is where elegance and technology interact. It comprises features that are rare to find in other air conditioners. The features make the air conditioner to trash any competing product within the market. For instance, it has a super speed that is three times higher than the other air conditioners. In addition, it has digital LED controls that enable you the user to tune your ideal temperature with inbuilt remote control on top. Safety is the other aspect that has been addressed in the air conditioner and this is because of an automatic 24 hours auto shut off. In addition, this air conditioner is unique due to the oscillating air vent mechanism which enables you to quickly tune the room temperature.

The other merit that comes with this air conditioner is the small, ergonomic and compact to facilitate the easy movement from one room to the other. As a result of the above features, you can use the equipment to regulate temperature in a different house away from your residence. However, the only challenge that comes with the above air conditioner is the high cost incurred in the purchasing.

4. Honeywell Portable AC MM14CHCS 14000 BTU

4 Honeywell MM14CHCS 14000 BTU

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Getting the best air conditioner on the market does not have to be a challenge. For instance, Honeywell MM14CHCS is the answer since it offers quality durable services. It’s a complete package that comes with full accessories as well as the safety feature to address any shortcomings. It also has a capacity of 14000BTU hence making it ideal for cooling rooms more than 550 square feet. In addition, it has a high speed of three times compared to other air conditioners within the market. Moreover, it has an auto shut off technology which plays a significant role in improving safety and protection. Also, it is designed with the latest technology that facilitates eco-friendly operational time making it possible for the services offered. One of the challenges that come with the above equipment is the cost of purchase.

3. Black+Decker Portable and Mobile Air Conditioner

3 Black+Decker Air Conditioner

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The above air conditioner is controlled using a remote control which ensures you the user get the best field of operating. One of the advantages that come with the air conditioner is that it has the capacity of the heating room with a surface area of 150 to 250 square feet. In addition, it has the 24 hours shut off timer making it possible to quickly adjust temperatures until the point of equilibrium is attained. It has a friendly manual of operations arising from electronic control and improved ease of programming. When it comes to dehumidifying it has a large exhaust pipe which ranges from 4 to 11 inches. The above air conditioner is best suitable for individuals with rooms with a large surface area of the flow.

2. Honeywell Mobile Air Conditioner Series 10,000 BTU

2 Honeywell MN10CESWW MN Series 10,000 BTU

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If you are in need of an air conditioner which will take care of cooling, heating, dehumidify or fanning for those hot days of summer, you do not need to look far rather than the Honeywell MN 10 CESWW MN which has the capability of addressing all the above issues.Since its one of the stand-up air conditioners has the capacity of producing more than 10000 BTU power which will provide a cooling effect of more than 350 square feet.

For efficiency, it has the auto evaporation design to prevent drip advancement. It’s user-friendly since it has a digital LED display. Through the use of remote control, you can easily operate the air conditioner at the far end of your room.

Unlike other air conditioners, Honeywell MN1OCESSWW has the capability of dehumidification of more than 70 points in a span of 24 hours. In addition, it’s one of the few stand up air conditioners that has the capability of having a user guide manual enabling the user to troubleshoot.

1. Whynter Mobile Air Conditioner ARC-14S 14000 BTU Dual Hose

1 Whynter ARC-14S 14000 BTU Dual Hose

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The above equipment is the best stand up air conditioners within the market. It has the capacity to operate as a cooler, dehumidify and also a fan. As a result of its superior performance, it contains a full thermostatic control though it has an unlimited heating capacity. Notably, it has the capability of cooling a room of surface area of more than 500square feet making it the most effective equipment in the market. The other reason that makes it the best stand up air conditioner is the superiority it has when it comes to dehumidification of 101 points within 24 hours. It is remote controlled and contains a washable filter ensuring optimum functioning. The aspect of auto switch design makes it the best in regulating the temperature to desired levels.


We hope our reviews provide you sufficient information to choose the right portable air conditioner for your home and office. The above mentioned portable ACs are carefully selected by our team for the best quality. Thus, you can rely on us when you pick one from the list.

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