The 10 Best Soccer Ball Bags in 2022 | Best Choice for Soccer Players!

Soccer ball bag is very significant for a young man like you who love playing and bringing the soccer ball or football along with you. It is designed with a special storage for you to place the ball, while you can also put many other study materials and more.

Moreover, the soccer ball bag is designed in a manner that it could hold soccer ball, shin guards, water bottle, and different football accessories. To get best soccer bag that lasts long and accommodate all the necessary stuff, you can go through our reviewed list below.

List of the 10 best Soccer Ball Bags or Football Bags in 2022

Product Reviews

10. Soccer Ball Backpack – Basketball Backpack for Kids and Youth

 Soccer Backpack - Basketball Backpack for kids and youth:

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Available in the perfect size for the soccer players, this soccer ball bag comes with spacious room for accommodating all the gears. Great for a ball, cleats, water bottle, change of shoes, jacket, and more. It is also designed with spacious room to allow you keep even the long and bulky soccer gears. The overall dimension is not so bulky and would conveniently fit on your back.

The soccer bag features durable construction because it uses the combination of 420D Nylon with PVC backing to add toughness to the bag for regular use. There is a dedicated place for keeping every item like water bottles, socks, cleats, jacket, shin guards, a ball and snacks. Some competitor soccer bags do not come with water bottle holders but this bag includes it.

This bag is capable to fit size 5 soccer ball, volleyball, and full-sized basketball. There are several ventilated side pockets to keep different items like shoes, socks, shin guards and cleats. It comes with padded back along with retractable shoulder strap for enhancing comfort. Though its design is compact, this backpack is adequately spacious by the majority of standards, because it can accommodate all essential soccer gear.

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9. Vizari Sport Solano Soccer Ball Backpack

 Vizari Sport Solano Backpack

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What makes this soccer bag from Vizari stand apart is its conveniently sized pockets and elegant design. Basically, this soccer ball backpack is a sturdy one with a spacious main compartment as well as breathable side cargo pockets. It comes with inner iPod pocket along with flexible headphone cable access. This provides convenient access.

For easy access, the bag is designed with looped zipper pulls. The inclusion of padded straps allows this soccer bag to prove to be a comfortable product. It is a sturdy bag with spacious main compartment as well as sufficiently air out based side cargo pockets. The provision of a huge compartment allows you to keep many different sports gears. There are sufficiently ventilated side cargo pockets for storing small items. It comes with breathable side cargo pockets.

8. DashSport Drawstring Bag for Soccer Ball, Football and Basketball

 DashSport Drawstring Bag:

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The appealing aspect of this soccer ball bag from DashSport is its fold away net design and zippered pouch. It is known that this bag is capable to fit a full-size soccer ball and even basketball, sports helmet, or any other sports apparatus. You can take out the sports gear when needed else place them inside the zippered pouch.

There are many front zippered compartments which suggest that this soccer bag has sufficient place to securely keep your cell phone, wallets, cards, keys, and many other valuables. It is a kind of large easy open type drawstring bag because the bag is competent to hold different things, ranging from lunch to the sneakers. The jacquard material appears beautiful and is built to last longer. Also, the thick nylon drawstrings are made up of comfortable material to let you easily carry the bag. In total, there are two mesh side pockets for keeping water bottles, umbrellas, and baseball bats.

7. Franklin Sports Deluxe Soccer Bag

 Franklin Sports Deluxe Soccer Bag:

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Soccer players can now roam around in style through the use of this deluxe soccer bag from Franklin. Initially, the company started working on a business that specializes in producing leather sporting good apparatus, dedicated to the youth market. Later, the company developed successfully with the inclusion of distribution partners in Japan, Europe, Mexico, Australia, and Canada.

This soccer ball bag is designed with a smart ball-carrying mechanism and a spacious storage compartment. Therefore, you can easily carry everything ranging from shin pads to an inflated ball to the playground. You can keep all the necessary items required for playing the soccer match and doing practice. Its smart ball carry system would hide away when not in use.

The bag is also designed with zipped flap with the headphone port offers additional storage. You can easily find your sports gears from its compartments. This bag implements convenient drawstring strap as well as cinch system.

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6. Diadora Squadra Backpack, Best Bag for Soccer Ball

 Diadora Squadra Backpack:

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If you are looking for a roomy bag for soccer ball with lots of conveniences to keep small items safe, go for this one. Even after you keep all the stuff inside like soccer ball, cleats, small items, and shin guards, there is still space in its main compartment.

The bag comes with the front vented ball pocket, side accessory pocket and side vented shoe tunnel. The mechanism of slanted side zipper allows you to keep all the items securely. Great portability is conveyed with the help of its front jacket straps.

For comfort, the bag uses 420 denier nylon and PVC backing. Its spacious design allows you to keep the size 5 ball inside the mesh area. You can conveniently keep your shin guards inside the other side pocket. A small front pocket is available at the top to securely place different items like keys, wallet, large cell phone.

Its top compartment is perfect for accommodating not just ball but also gloves, balaclava, and other sport materials. The mechanism of mesh front ball pocket allows you to easily recognize whether you missed the ball on the field after the match or not. Its side pockets are adequately deep for accommodating cleat and a shin guard. The pockets can also accommodate a water bottle and snacks.

5. Adidas Diablo Small Duffel Ball Bag | Adidas Soccer Bag

 adidas Diablo Small Duffel Bag:

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Whenever you are looking for buying the perfect size soccer bag for carrying on a quick trip to the gym or soccer practice, go for this Adidas soccer bag. It is a compact bag from the well-known brand. The soccer bag also comes with a lifetime warranty and built to last. The price is also affordable price.

The bag’s compartment is equipped with durable zip and is capable to opens wide for convenient packing. It also has a shoulder strap that is adjustable in nature. Therefore, you can wear it to the appropriate length as per your need. It comes with the haul handle that is padded for allowing comfortable portability.

This Adidas soccer bag is manufactured out of 100% polyester and due to this its exterior is gleaming and water repellent. With the help of the rich color combination and the brand’ prestige, you can proudly show off this bag. In addition to the shoulder strap, its webbing carry handle can be used for easy portability. The arrangement of top-loading main compartment allows you to keep all the soccer gears conveniently. For comfortable carry, it comes with cushioned haul handle.

4. Soccerware Soccer Backpack for Kids and Youth

 Soccerware Soccer Bag Backpack for kids and youth:

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Equipped with a large capacity to hold important stuff, this soccer bag from Soccerware is an ideal solution for a variety of uses. The bag comes with a ball holder for accommodating full size 5 soccer ball, shin guards, soccer shoe cleats, spare clothes, water bottles, snacks, and many other essential things.


  • It comes with many ventilated compartments that work to keep all your sports gear clean and bacteria free.
  • On its outer side, there are two external mesh pockets for placing shoe and water bottle and one zipper pocket.
  • In the interior, the bag comes with two easily accessible pockets for safely keeping cell phones, tape, and other accessories.
  • It implements a lightweight easy cinch system to easily open and close it. Therefore, kids and youth can use it conveniently.
  • The use of heavy duty no-rip pxd material ensures long-term use of this bag. There is the inclusion of waterproof type main ball compartment lining that adds to its durability.
  • Its double lace shoulder drawstring is cotton padded for enhancing the comfort.
  • You can keep 5 medium sized books inside.
  • The bag is capable to accommodate gears of any sports –volleyball, soccer, tennis, basketball, etc.
  • Different gym accessories like towel, shoes, water bottle, cleats, etc. can be safely placed inside.

3. Fitdom Extra Large Mesh Bag for Soccer

3. Fitdom Extra Large Mesh Bag for Soccer:

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This soccer bag from Fitdom is found to be a giant athletic bag to conveniently carry for all your sports and outdoor events. Designed keeping in mind versatility, this bag holds team jersey, scuba water sports gear, practice balls, and more.


  • It comes with jumbo size extra large mesh bag to conveniently place all your important gears.
  • The pocket is found to be resistant against water and dirt.
  • There is no need to carry an extra bag for cell phones, stopwatch, etc., simply leave all that stuff inside its 13×10 inch pocket.
  • You can stay stress-free of how to protect your personal items from unpredicted elements because the bag is made up of premium nylon. This type of nylon material is heavy duty and extra tough as well.
  • In addition to being flexible and being capable to hold different sizes of equipment, its webbing is capable to withstand the usual wear & tear from dragging on the sports ground.
  • It comes with an adjustable carrying strap and drawstring opening. Thus, people of any age can use the carrying strap conveniently.

2. Adidas Defender III Duffel Bag

 adidas Defender III Duffel Bag:

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Without wasting much time, place all your sports gear together inside the soccer bag from Adidas. Made up from reinforced 3D ripstop type polyester material, this soccer bag is a spacious product to keep all the required equipment and accessories.


  • The entire design is made spacious with the help of a large main compartment as well as two zippered side pockets.
  • The adjustable shoulder strap comes with extra cushion to help you when you are packing heavy.
  • The implementation of FreshPAK technology works to oppose bacterial odors.
  • There are two zippered end pockets as well as a zippered external pocket to put away the tiny stuff.
  • For comfortable portability, the bag comes with cushioned & adjustable shoulder strap and convenient haul handles.

1. Soccer Backpack with Ball Holder Compartment

 Soccer Backpack with Ball Holder Compartment:

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Capable to fits all the soccer equipment, this soccer bag is created with a large ball compartment and roomy storage for accommodating different items. While going out for gym or soccer match or practice, you can keep shin guards, cleats, water bottles, lunch box, and many different accessories.


  • Its ball compartment expands to conveniently hold size 5 ball, basketball, volleyball, and bike helmet.
  • Extra comfort is presented with the help of soft mesh padded shoulder straps as well as the back panel. This type of arrangement avoids issues of back strain.
  • The compartments are sufficiently ventilated to keep all your soccer gear fresh and bacteria free.
  • There are two easy access pockets for safely keeping your snacks, cell phone, tape etc.


The prime aspects to focus on while picking the best soccer bags are the spacious design, size, and arrangement of pockets, build quality, comfortable portability, color options, and price, etc. These bags are made to be ergonomic in order to alleviate issues of back strain and fatigue. Most of them come at an affordable price to suit your budget and needs.

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