The 10 Best Space Heaters for Large Room in 2022

The excess cold during winter is usually not recommended for your health. When your body is subjected to excess cold, you will suffer from lots of discomforts and diseases. The conventional idea of sitting around the fire is now obsolete. This is because in this fast-paced world, people rarely spare time to sit around the fire.

To relieve you from the intolerable cold, the market presents the space heater for large room. This space heater works to maintain the appropriate warmth inside the room. Not only the warmth but this type of equipment is highly admirable for its portability and compact design. It is quite easy to carry these heaters from one place to another and they can be easily fitted anywhere. To make the informed buying decision from the myriad of space heater for large room available in the market, look at the list below.

List of the Best Space Heater for Large Room in 2022


10. Commart Mr. Heater MH9BX Buddy Space Heater

 Commart Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU:

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Commart Mr. Heater incorporated the cutting-edge evolution in the F232000 portable propane heater. Its high capacity and portability allow you to use it in workshops, tens, garages, cabins, patios, and porches. The heat settings equipped in this heater equipment allows an individual to control the comfort level. Its 100% efficient operation and clean-burning mechanism make it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


  • This 4,000- to 9,000-BTU heater is capable to heat the area up to 225 square feet.
    Its auto shut-off starts to work when the pilot light goes off or when the oxygen level is low.
  • It comes with the fold-down handle for simplicity of carrying around. Besides, it can be easily connected to a propane
  • This heater can connect to a 20 lb. propane cylinder with the use of hose (optional).
  • For any application, the F232000 heater can be used with ease due to its lightweight design.

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9. Lifesmart Corp Lifelux Series Ultimate 8 Element Extra Large Room

 Lifesmart Corp Lifelux Series Ultimate 8 Element Extra Large Room:

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Infrared warmth is guaranteed to a large room with high heating efficiency and simple design. With the use of remote control, this space heater’s entire operation is automatic and you can adjust the heat settings based on your preference. The entire unit is enclosed in a sleek wood cabinet which is soft to touch. Lifesmart Corp Lifelux series presented this heater with three heat settings to customize the heating experience.

This large room space heater comes with 12-hour start and stops timer to adjust the heat. It comes with the digital thermostat along with remote, so you can adjust the operation of the heater from any corner of the room. The noiseless scroll fan works efficiently to circulate heat. The maximum area covered for heating is 1800 sq ft room.

In case you wish to avail the heating effect in the small room, this heater comes with a 500-watt eco Therefore, the heater will not consume excess power. In total, there are three energy savings settings. One of those settings is the eco-mode setting is capable to heat the small region to 68 degrees with the help of energy saving feature to deliver maximum efficiency.

8. LifeSmart 6 Element with Remote Large Room Infrared Heater

 LifeSmart 6 Element w/Remote Large Room Infrared Heater, Black/Gray:

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The stylish black/gray designed heater from LifeSmart conveys safe and healthy heat environment to large space room. Keeping in mind the ultra-efficiency and safety, this infrared heater is unique from its competitors. The good thing about this heater is all the electrical components come with 1-year of warranty. To make the operation efficient, there are six quartz infrared elements included in this unit. It consumes 500 watts to save the energy; there are three energy savings settings to customize the heating experience for small or large space.

The space heater’s portability is enhanced with the help of E Z Glide casters. They streamline the process to move this heater from one room to another. Inside the unit, you will get a huge remote control to execute the digital thermostat. With the help of remote control, it is convenient to adjust different settings from any corner of the room.The presence of dual timer settings streamlines the hassles associated with the operation of this unit. These settings allow you to turn on/off the unit.

This large room heater is enclosed by the contemporary and sleek metal cabinet. This cabinet is cool to the touch. The six element heater is eco-friendly because it does not use toxins or fuels to heat your room. Therefore, the machine proves to be the cleaner alternative to heat up your room.

7. Vornado MVH Whole Room Vortex Heater

 Vornado MVH Whole Room Vortex Heater, Black:

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The Vornado space heater serves as an effective approach to cut down the extra energy cost and heat up the room reliably. Basically, this household heater works silently and implements the innovative safety features to streamline the use. Compared to other large space heaters available in the market, this model is one of the most effective and safe equipment.

This Vortex heater comes with the thermostatic temperature control knob. With the help of this knob, you can adjust the preferred heat setting with a turn of the dial. Implementation of the Vortex technology circulates hot air uniformly throughout the entire room. There is the availability of thermostatic temperature control in order to select the required heat setting.

It comes with the latest safety functionality like the automatic safety shut-off mechanism and tip-over protection. In total, there are three heat setting options i.e. 750W, 1125W, and 1500W. With the help of these options, you can customize heat output and maintain energy For employing a uniform heating mechanism, this heater unit delivers a constant current of 120-degree This current delivers warmth in the entire room.

6. DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater

 DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater:

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The personalized comfort and portability are the paramount qualities of this DeLonghi heater. Its sleek design allows you to set up this panel heater on the floor or you can mount on the wall.  Whenever you are looking to adopt a stylish way to heat up the large space, go for the HMP1500 heater unit. Full room warmth is guaranteed because the unit comes with 1500 watts of heating power.

With the inclusion of adaptable thermostat and various heat settings, the heater facilitates customization of your heating requirements. It is quite safe and convenient to set up this heater as wall mount equipment. You just need to use the accessories from the included kit. With the help of easy-to-use handles and easy sliding wheels, it is quite easy to move this heater. There are no troubles to use this heater in form of supplementary or spot heating equipment in your bedroom, office or any place in your home.

5. Lasko 5165 Digital Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control

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It is clearly implied from the name of this digital space heater that the operation is controlled through remote control. You just need to adjust the heat settings through remote control and finally, you will enjoy the warmth experience in the entire room. It is quite straightforward to customize this heater as per your heating requirements with the use of variable thermostat and various heat settings.

Whenever you want to relocate this ceramic tower heater from one place to another, you just need to use the included carry handle. The whole operation is easy to use –simply plug this unit into an electric outlet and get warmth inside your room. With the use of remote control, it is easy to set the programmable thermostat to the preferred temperature. Furthermore, it is easy to choose from the two silent high/low settings.

You can set the 8-hour auto-off timer and sleep off without worrying about turning this heater off. The facility of on-board remote storage makes sure the controller is always located near your hand. Its operation does not require a fan, so there are no unwanted noises. You can use the accessories from the included kit to easily mount the heater unit on the wall. High efficiency is delivered in medium to large rooms, and it can cover up to 300 sq. ft. area.

4. Lasko 6462 Full-Circle Warmth Ceramic Space Heater

 Lasko 6462 Full-Circle Warmth Ceramic Space Heater:

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The availability of heat setting choices and the safety features make the Lasko 6462 heater one of the best heating equipment in the market. It comes with the cool touch exterior to make sure the heater is always cool to touch irrespective of hours of its operation. Many users may face inconvenience to adjust heat setting while they are in the large room. To remove such hassles, it comes with an easy-to-read digitally operated temperature display. This display allows you to choose the appropriate temperature from the wide range.


  • The high heat and low heat settings along with an auto setting simplify the process to heat up the large room or office.
  • It includes overheating protection to make sure there is no excess heat even when the unit stays on for the large
  • There is no time consumption to assemble the unit; it comes fully assembled.
  • Implementation of the heat sweep settings allows the heater to dispense off heat air uniformly.

3. Lasko 5307 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater

3. Lasko 5307 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater, 16-Inch:

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No corner of your home will be left without heating because the Lasko 5307 heater makes sure to deliver uniform heat. Due to its versatility, this oscillating ceramic tower heater can be set on the floor or table. With the help of this portable tower heater, you can bring down the whole-house thermostat. In this way, this heater indirectly limits the wear & tear on the main heating system of your home.


  • You are free to choose from the three heat settings i.e. low, high, or fan only. All these heat settings guarantee silent operation.
  • It comes fully assembled –just plug in, turn on the unit, and finally avail warmth in the entire room.
  • The direct heat is available to heat up your feet below your desk. On the other hand, the oscillating heat is ideal to heat up a small room.
  • It is simple to set the electronic thermostat to the required temperature; alternatively, you can choose from the two quiet settings.

2. Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater with Features Oscillation, Remote, and Built-in Timer

 Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater-Features Oscillation, Remote, and Built-in Timer:

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Designed to complement your decor seamlessly, the Lasko Designer series space heater is presented in a stylish body. Its modern look and perfect finish allow this space heater to appear beautiful in addition to being efficient. With the assistance of a powerful ceramic heating element and three noiseless heat settings, this space heater is perfect to set up at any place in your home.


  • The adjustable thermostat in this unit allows the user to adapt the 1500 watt ceramic heating element of this unit.
  • It includes an easy-to-read LED temperature settings based display so users can easily choose the temperatures in the range of 60F to 85F.
  • The included timer can be easily programmed anywhere between 1 hour to 7 hours. It is quite easy to adjust the timer in 1-hour intervals –just press the timer button present over the digital control panel.

1. Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

 Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt:

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The 1500-watt portable space heater is dedicated to providing warmth in a large room along with energy saving benefits. Its heater unit will not show any signs of overheating and it is cool to touch every time. This space heater blends the high efficiency of infrared heat with the convection heat. This type of arrangement guarantees quick heating process.


  • In this 1500-watt portable space heater, there is the implementation of dual heating systems. These systems present infrared quartz tube and PTC along with auto shut-off timer of 12 hours.
  • The facility of IR remote control allows you to set the heat settings from any corner of the room.
  • To limit the noise, there is the presence of high-pressure low-noise type blower. This blower comes with a noise level of 39 dB.


To save yourself from the ill effects of severe cold, it is best to equip your room with a suitable heater. For heating large room sufficiently, the discussed top-notch space heaters come with high efficiency and portability. Now you can sleep peacefully or work efficiently without worrying about the cold.

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