The 10 Best Wood Cutting Boards for Your Kitchen in 2021

Wood cutting board is a necessity for any kitchen whether it is the home kitchen or professional kitchen. There are various materials used in the construction of a cutting board like plastic, plywood and likewise. But you should always go for the wood cutting boards because they are 100% natural and organic. Also, wood cutting boards are available in various designs and shapes such as rectangular, round and square shapes. If you are looking for one, check out the list below and find your right one.

List of the Wood Cutting Boards for Your Kitchen in 2021


#12. Bamboo Works Professional Bamboo Wood Cutting Board

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This wood cutting board is made up of highest quality bamboo and is ideal for use in the kitchen. It comes in an attractive design and has the design of natural tiger stripe on it. This will look great on your countertop and is made up of organic Moso bamboo. The thick edge grain cutting board is very durable and it does not have any filler or stain. Besides, it has got antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and is safe to be used in the kitchen.

The board can be cleaned easily and hand washing is considered the best for its long-term use. This has been approved by the FDA and will work same like a plastic cutting board. This will make your cutting task in the kitchen very easy and is a perfect replacement for your old cutting board. This is one great product which has a drip groove on one of its sides.

  • Gorgeous natural tiger stripe design.
  • Premium-quality organic Moso bamboo construction.
  • Anti-bacterial property and food-grade quality.
  • Features under Amazon’s Choice.

#11. Farberware Wood Cutting Board Set

3 in 1 wood cutting board

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This is a three-piece set wood cutting board which is made up of moisture resistant hardwood. This is very durable and is perfect for your kitchen. You can do a variety of tasks on it like cutting, slicing, dicing of your vegetables, fruits, and meat. It has got a grooved channel which will make less mess in your kitchen. This will catch the drippings or the juices which you can also use in your recipe. It is also very easy to wash and you can clean with a mild detergent and warm water.

After cleaning, you will have to allow the cutting board to dry. With three pieces, you can use the one you prefer for cutting your veggies. This is lightweight and is pre-sealed with mineral oil (food grade) and the best thing about this is that you can even use it on the reverse side. This is an inexpensive and easy way of chopping your vegetables.

  • Both side usage possible.
  • Moisture resistant and can catch drippings.
  • Versatile usages like cutting, dicing, and slicing.

#10. Truffle Toast Home Rectangular Cutting Boards

two-piece wood cutting board

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Another great wood cutting board, this one comes in a set of two. The Italian made cutting board is made up of olive wood and has got a rich color. This has got an elegant appearance along with a sleek look and has been crafted with perfection. The board has a fine texture and will live great on the table. This is perfect for cutting, chopping and slicing your meat, fruits, and vegetables. This is easy to handle and you can also store them conveniently by hanging them through their holes.

The board is very strong and will last for a long time. The board is resistant to cut and will maintain its natural beauty for a long time. This is also fully natural and is safe for your family. It is sustainable and has got a smooth touch. You will love its eye-catching design as it can also be used for serving butter and cheese. It is one of the best wood cutting boards in terms of design and functionality.

  • Elegant appearance and sleek look.
  • Keep the flavor of the food intact.
  • Durable, strong, and suitable for heavy-duty use.

#9. Specialty Wood Designs Maple Wood Cutting Board

wood cutting board with handle

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If you are looking for a wood cutting board which has got natural appearance then this is the one for you. This has got rounded edges and is made up of ambrosia maple wood. You can use it not just for chopping or slicing but also for serving. This is suitable to be used in the kitchen and has also been coated with mineral oil.

The cutting board has been handcrafted to give it a completely natural look. This is also a perfect item to gift someone. Not just it is beautiful but will also last for a long time. This can also be easily cleaned and will look great on your table. You can do slicing and chopping of vegetables and fruits in no time on this board. This is also very compact and can be carried easily.

  • Unique shape and elegant design.
  • Coated with mineral oil for smoothness.
  • Versatile usages like chopping, slicing as well as serving.

#8. Architec Gripperwood Sheesham Cutting Board

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This wood cutting board has got a beautiful look and is perfect for prepping. This is very durable and is resistant to bacteria. The board is made up of Indian Sheesham wood which has been harvested in forests. This has to be hand washed and shouldn’t be soaked in the water. For increased longevity and increasing its beauty, you can apply mineral oil to it. This is perfect for slicing and chopping of vegetables and fruits.

The board has got integrated gripper pads on its bottom and will not slip when you are using it. It is also lightweight and will look great on your table. In addition to this, the board is absolutely safe for your food preparation. Besides, it is a solid piece of single wood which has not been layered. The attractive board will make your cutting task very easy in the kitchen. It has got a large area for cutting and has also got rich colors.

  • Can be used for serving along with cutting.
  • Natural resistance to bacteria.
  • Gripper pads on the bottom prevent slipping.

#7. Ironwood Gourmet Large Charleston End Grain Prep Station

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Made with acacia wood, this cutting board has end grain wood which is perfect for cutlery. This is made up of cost-effective material and is a multi-functional board. You can clean it very easily and is also easy to maintain. You just have to wash it with soap and water and allow it to dry. This has got natural contrasting patterns and looks very beautiful. Besides, it is perfect for cutting, prep station, and serving. This is also durable and will look great in your kitchen.

It is safe to be used in the kitchen and has the end grain design which is gentle on cutlery. For the longevity of the product, you can always wipe it with a dry cloth after cleaning. The gorgeous looking wood cutting board has got shimmering colors and is available in three different patterns. This is manufactured in Thailand and will look good even after multiple uses.

  • End grain wood minimizes wear and tear.
  • Easy to clean and highly durable.
  • Unique contrasting pattern for uniqueness.

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#6. NaturalDesign Cutting Board

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This is cutting board made up of natural materials which are mostly the solid natural organic wood. The wood also has the antibacterial property which is welcoming. The wood is maple wood with walnut and there are cherry inserts. It is environmental-friendly and a better alternative to plastic boards. The board is highly durable and it is well-polished. Moreover, there is natural oil treatment done and it protects the board from moisture and stains. The size of the board is quite large and it is also thick. You can easily chop meat and roll out the dough. In fact, it is an excellent choice for the professional cutting and chopping.

  • Extra-large and extra thick.
  • Suitable for chopping, serving, and baking.
  • Made up of high-quality solid wood.

#5 Tramanto Olive Wood Cheese Board

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This cutting board is made up of the olive wood and it can be used as a cheese server as well. The product is highly versatile and one can also use it as a fruit spreads. The size and shape of the board are perfect and quite unique. The finished and raw bard edge provides a natural look. In fact, it is the best olive wood kitchen cutting board on the list. There are various sizes available to choose from. It is both organic and modern.

  • High-quality olive wood construction.
  • Features under Amazon’s Choice for ratings.
  • Highly versatile multi-purpose applications.

#4 Hardwood Chef Premium Thick Cutting Board

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This is an extra-thick cutting board and hence, the durability is going to be longer. It comes with inner handles for stability and portability. The non-slip design makes it safe and it is also very easy to clean. There are deep juice grooves and you can use the juice for cooking. The design of the product is very eye-catching and is made up of eco-friendly Acadia wood. Moreover, it comes with butcher paper with the string tied on both sides. You can cut and chop anything and everything on it.

  • The sturdiest cutting board with extra-thickness.
  • Non-slip bottom with inner handles for portability.
  • Preconditioned with mineral oil for smoothness.

#3. Sonder Los Angeles Large Thick Cutting Board

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The product features under Amazon’s Choice for carving board category. It is highly versatile and is a multipurpose cutting board. There is the juice groove side for prepping and chopping. You can use it for serving and decorated it with food beautifully. It is quite thick and durable and the stability is great. Moreover, there are inner handles for providing grip for easy carrying. You can use the juice accumulating for cooking. It is highly sustainable Acadia wood and it is completely organic and natural.

  • Reversible cutting with multipurpose application.
  • Thick and durable with deep juice grooves.
  • Made up of eco-friendly Acadia wood.

#2. Greener Chef Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

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This is a heavy-duty bamboo cutting board and the construction is very. There is no more worry about cracking, separating or splintering. The product will last a lifetime and the company offers lifetime replacements. The product is FDA approved and there is a juice groove which is convenient. It looks very stylish and will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. The product is used by the professional chefs and is made up of the best-quality materials.

  • BPA-free, natural, antibacterial cutting board.
  • FDA-approved and versatile applications.
  • Made up of premium-quality materials.

#1. Virginia Boys Kitchens Cutting Board

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The cutting board has a rich chocolate hue and it has the perfect rectangular shape. That is why you can use it as a cutting board as well as for serving. You can easily present pizzas, breads, and various platters. The surface is knife-friendly and is made up of soft straight grains of walnut wood. You can slice fruits, carving meats, vegetables, and likewise. The board is long-lasting and arrives in the unseasoned raw form. You can use any seasoning oil to make it smooth. The company also offers a full money-back guarantee.

  • Comes with juice dripping groove.
  • Suitable for cutting and serving.
  • Beautiful design with eye-catching outlook.
  • Best-rated cutting board.


The wood cutting boards are the best for using the knives properly. They are highly durable and have anti-bacterial properties. In fact, they are the best food-grade product and you can use most of them for cutting as well as for serving as you will see in many restaurants. Some of them come unseasoned and some in preconditioned manner. Based on your budget and size and thickness requirements, you should choose. There are unique shapes of wood cutting boards also available.

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